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NB Gallery specialises in the finest examples of Russian Realist and Impressionism paintings of the 20th century. Following the best cultural traditions NB Gallery introduces a whole period of exciting art what has been inaccessible to the art collectors for a more than fifty years.

Exhibitions at NB Gallery help the viewer navigate through the troubled and complicated waters of Russian Art of the last 70 years. Not only is art of this period still an affordable and lucrative collector’s item, but it is fascinating because of its extraordinarily fertile epoch that is so complex and controversial. This is the kind of art that suffered most from ideological interpretations and is currently experiencing a rebirth and a wave of new interest both in Russia and around the world. With the passage of time, art collector’s have come to realize that art of this period is precious from the simple standpoint of high artistic quality.

Qualified and experienced art experts at NB Gallery undertake enormous efforts to locate and display the best masterpieces of our time. Many unknown names and periods were taken out from the oblivion. Art experts travel extensively throughout Russia searching through studios in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kostroma, Krasnodar, Yaroslavl, Irkutsk etc. The NB Gallery's first hand experience and extensive knowledge of the period can hardly be beaten by anybody.

Many exhibitions staged by NB Gallery were recognised by art historians as a breakthrough in the Russian Art History.
This testifies to the uniqueness of NB Gallery, which harmoniously combines the Russian cultural tradition and the Western business approach. It grew up on the Russian tradition where art collectors searched for best artwork of the time with the aim not to sell but create a museum. Galleries in commercial sense of word basically did not exist in Russia beginning of the century and later in Soviet Union. To compare Pavel Tretjakov collected his art to build the world famous Tretjakov Gallery.