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Art Lectures

 We have always been strong believers in the value of sharing our knowledge of Russian Realist and Impressionist art as well as important historical and biographical information on the artists.

NB Gallery’s art experts have been leading the Russian Art History Group with the International Women’s Club for many years.

Once a month we schedule a lecture, visit a museum or a gallery to teach and enhance an appreciation for Russian Art.

The fact that Russian Art is so poorly represented in the world’s museums provides us with an opportunity to not only educate, but to also increase an awareness and appreciation for the history of Russian Realist and Impressionist Art. We strongly believe that educating and showing our clients the best examples of Russian Art will give them the ability to discern between good and mediocre art which will enhance their enjoyment of art.

Exhibitions 2013 - 2020

Exhibitions 2003 - 2012

Exhibitions 1992 - 2002

  • 2002. The Beauty of the Body, the Power of the Breast.NB Gallery
  • 2002. Siberian Express.NB Gallery
  • 2002. New Discoveries.NB Gallery
  • 2002. Paintings for Your Home.Pokrovsky Hills, Moscow, Russia
  • 2002. Moscow and St.Petersburg in Art and Posters.NB Gallery
  • 2002. Nikolay Mokrov. Vladimir Art School.NB Gallery
  • 2002. Men's Day / Women's Day.NB Gallery
  • 2002. Fedor Kascheev and Nina Kostina.NB Gallery
  • 2002. The Escape to the South - School of Russian Impressionism.NB Gallery

  • 2001. Udmurtian Tabani.NB Gallery
  • 2001. Ludmila Sgibneva.Solo Exhibition. NB Gallery
  • 2001. Vladimir Plekunov.Solo Exhibition. NB Gallery
  • 2001. The Painters from Aguidel Valley.NB Gallery
  • 2001. Sergey Litvinov.Solo Exhibition. NB Gallery
  • 2001. Easter 2001.NB Gallery
  • 2001. The Northern Symphony.Photo works by Eivind Djupedal. NB Gallery

  • 2000. Leonty Zudov.Solo Exhibition. NB Gallery
  • 2000. French Style in Russian Forms.Paintings by Irina Vitman and Evsey Reshin. NB Gallery
  • 2000. Ivan Karpunov - Russian Russo from Samara.NB Gallery
  • 2000. Leningrad's Legacy.NB Gallery
  • 2000. Vasily Minyaev. From the Dynasty of Court Artists.NB Gallery
  • 2000. Two from the Azure Town.Paintings by Valentin Belousov. NB Gallery
  • 2000. Dome of Good Chear.NB Gallery

  • 1999. Red Art Propaganda.NB Gallery
  • 1999. Advertising Posters.NB Gallery
  • 1999. Art From the Heartland of Russia.NB Gallery
  • 1999. Grigory Kravchenko. Solo Exhibition.Dukat Place II, Moscow, Russia; NB Gallery
  • 1999. Happiness in the Making.Ukrainian art tradition. NB Gallery

  • 1998. Splash of Colors.NB Gallery
  • 1998. Russian Patchwork.Photo works by Eivind Djupedal. NB Gallery
  • 1998. Alexey Belykh and 15 best Impressionist Paintings of his Epoch.NB Gallery
  • 1998. Best Paintings from the Volga Region – Tatarstan Art.NB Gallery

  • 1997. Twilight Generation.NB Gallery
  • 1997. Russian and Soviet Posters.Traditional and contemporary posters. NB Gallery

  • 1996. Magic Winter: Folk Rites & Holidays.Russian Lubok Paintings. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia
  • 1996. Series of exhibitions: Treasures of Russian Realist & Impressionist Art.NB Gallery
  • 1996. Compassionate View of the War.Sofia Uranova. Moscow Art Traditions. NB Gallery

  • 1995. The Age of Innocence.Collection of Watercolors and Drawings from the 1930 to 1960s. NB Gallery

  • 1994. Capriccios.Contemporary Fantasies on Joys. State Tretjakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

  • 1992. 48 Paintings.Contemporary Russian Paintings. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

International exhibitions

  • 2005. Soviet Realism and Impressionism 1930 - 1980s.Private exhibition. Minneapolis, USA.
  • 2000. Russian Art in Texas.Private exhibition. Sugarland, Texas, USA.
  • 2000. The International 20th Century Arts Fair.Armory, New York, USA.
  • 1999. The International 20th Century Arts Fair.Armory, New York, USA.
  • 1998. Venetian Festival.Dolls by Olina Ventsel. The State Hall, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • 1997. Innocence and Industry in the Soviet Age.(In collaboration with Dacha Gallery, Vancouver, Canada).
  • 1997. Still-life Tradition.Galerie Kraska, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 1996. New York Art Fair.New York, USA.
  • 1995. Forty Years of Soviet and Russian Art.The Atrium, Hong Kong Bank of Canada Building. (In collaboration with Dacha Gallery, Vancouver, Canada).
  • 1994. Holiday Fantasies.The Lobby Gallery, New York, USA
  • 1994. Russian Avant-garde Tradition.Braunschweige, Germany.
  • 1994. Chicago International Art Fair.Chicago, USA. (In collaboration with J.E.Stallion International Gallery, Louisville, KY, USA).
  • 1993. Chicago International Art Fair.Chicago, USA. (In collaboration with J.E.Stallion International Gallery, Louisville, KY, USA).
  • 1993. Landscape Traditions.Contemporary Russian Paintings. Galerie Kraska, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 1993. Two Contemporary Russian Artists. Bugashev and Kallistova.The Lobby Gallery. 31W 52nd Street, New York, USA
  • 1992. Expressions from Russia.J.E.Stallion International Gallery, Louisville, KY, USA.


NB Gallery Charity Activities:
You cannot live in the society and being surrounded by beauty as we are, not see the difference which your help might make.
Since 1993 NB Gallery has been actively participating in various charity programs.
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