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In Pursuit of Art. Yakov Kozlov (1918-2015)

Kozlov's paintings from the 1950s till 1990s, presented at this exhibition, include lyrical children portraits, beautiful landscapes, expressive and colourfull genre scenes. Kozlov considered not only skill, but also heart, to be creativity's most important traits. "One's art must go through the heart and soul of the painter"

18.02.2016 — 25.03.2016
Preview — Thursday, February 18

Affordable Art Fair, January, 15 - February, 7

It is time for our once-a-year Affordable Art Fair!

15.01.2016 — 07.02.2016
Preview — Friday, January 15


With our new exibition we present to you a selection of works of Soviet artists showing various celebrations, including village gatherings, street parties, demonstrations, elections, award ceremonies, weddings, songs and dances.

12.11.2015 — 13.12.2015
Preview — Thursday, November 12

The Stage of Life

The exhibition includes artworks and graphics from the NB Gallery collection, collages by Philipp Jordan, photographs by Zoe Wittering and an exclusive series of Diana Vishneva scarves collection by Philipp Jordan and IZO Art gallery.

24.09.2015 — 01.11.2015
Preview — Thursday, September 24