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Moscow 2016

Moscow of 1960s with its dazzling cyclists on Prospekt Mira, and stunning girls with oars in a rowing competition in Khlebnikovo, tumbler-glass militia booths, churches on the background of skyscrapers under construction, metro stations and VDNKh pavilions. It is the exhibition of that which has been and of that which has not taken place, of real life and of urban myths, where some things are still recognisable, and some have already been forgotten forever.

16.07.2016 — 25.08.2016
Preview — Saturday, July 16

The Wardrobe of Your Dreams

The first joint exhibition of the artwork by Maria and Sergei Kutuzov shows the studies for the murals, paintings of the Russian North of the 1960s, Moscow scenes of the 1970s, still-lives and flowers.

27.05.2016 — 30.06.2016
Preview — Thursday, May 26

In Pursuit of Art. Yakov Kozlov (1918-2015)

Kozlov's paintings from the 1950s till 1990s, presented at this exhibition, include lyrical children portraits, beautiful landscapes, expressive and colourfull genre scenes. Kozlov considered not only skill, but also heart, to be creativity's most important traits. "One's art must go through the heart and soul of the painter"

18.02.2016 — 25.03.2016
Preview — Thursday, February 18

Affordable Art Fair, January, 15 - February, 7

It is time for our once-a-year Affordable Art Fair!

15.01.2016 — 07.02.2016
Preview — Friday, January 15